Eau de Provence Bath & Body Oil



Character: Clean, herbaceous, calming
Notes: Lavender, Jasmine, Bergamot


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Fresh cut lavender, soulful Jasmine, and a playful hint of Bergamot, soaked in a base of four skin-loving oils. With a light fragrance concentration, like an eau de toilette, this bath oil will leave you with a subtle fragrance, perceivable by those that are close enough to brush against the skin. A truly relaxing and luxurious pleasure. Includes:

Sweet Almond Oil: Rich in Vitamins E, A, and D, Sweet Almond Oil traps moisture in the skin, leaving an all-day glow.
Rice Bran Oil: A super antioxidant oil with Vitamins E and B, which help increase elasticity and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
Jojoba Oil: Similar to the natural oil produced by the human body, Jojoba gently heals wounds and helps fade scars over time.
Grapeseed Oil: Light, non-greasy Grapeseed Oil is packed with skin-brightening Vitamin C.


It has been said that lavender is the soul of Provence, its purple mountain fields stretching to the horizon, the herbal fragrance wafting to the clouds. Grasse, a small town in Provence, is called perfume capital of the world due to the intoxicating fragrance of lavender. In the Middle Ages, Grasse was known for its high quality leather, but it had just one flaw, the hides’ offensive animal odor. Perfumer Gallimard had the remedy. He made a pair of perfumed gloves for Catherine de Medici that later became the fashion of the era, launching a perfume industry in the small leather-making town that gained worldwide prominence. This oil combines the timeless essence of lavender with Provence’s other famous crop, jasmine, and a hint of bergamot.

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