Vegan Bath Bomb Fizzy with Nigel's Jamaican almond Oil



Bring Jamaica to your very own bathroom. Loaded with Nigel's Jamaican almond oil our bath bombs with hug your body with moisture. The aromas of lemongrass,coconut,mango and more will take you away!! 

Made for dry and extra-dry skin our bath bombs will give your skin the hydration it's been craving. Simply drop into warm water,you'll see them fizz and spin and then you''ll smell the aroma of the tropics,get in and ..FullJoy! 

Gentle enough to be used daily

  • no perfumes or dyes
  • plant based ingredients
  • moisturizing
  • natural aromatherapy 
  • Leaves skin silk smooth

Our bath bombs are individually hand made by Jessica,Nigel's wife. She was inspired by her grandson Keith when he wanted a bath bomb and she didn't like the ingredients she saw. We are proud to share our with you our bath bombs made for our family with you and your family. 

Ingredients:Bicarbonate of soda,citric acid,corn starch,Nigel's Jamaican almond oil,essential oil/fragrance oil,vegan color

Our colors are 100% vegan and sometimes they leave a residue,to clean any residue of color simply use a basic shampoo and it will rinse right out! This will also work for the charcoal activated ones. 

Our Vegan Bath bombs come shrink wrapped to preserve shelf life. Keep in a dry place,as soon as they hit water they will start to fizz. 




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