Chocolate Delight Kit


SKU: DC-261865

Your golden ticket has arrived with the Chocolate Delight Kit, three luscious cocoa-based essential oil blends designed to pamper your senses, lift your mood, and set a sweet ambiance in your home or office. Relish the complexity and rich character of real chocolate essential oil – warm, enticing and satisfying – and give your body exposure to the healthy constituents and natural benefits offered by essential oil aromatherapy.

This kit includes three enticingly balanced chocolate blends – a sweet combination of chocolate and sweet orange, a peppy mix of chocolate and peppermint, and a sweet and mellow combination of chocolate and vanilla-scented Balsam of Peru.

Chocolate Orange: Use the sweet orange blend to revive energy and motivation in the morning or after a lunch break.

Mint Cocoa: Breathe the mint blend to reset your senses after a road trip or a long day at work.

Chocolate Cream: Inhale the rich and balanced combination of Balsam of Peru to unwind after a long day, to release stress from your body or to prepare for sleep.

How to Use:

  • Create a delicious ambiance at home and fill your rooms with sweet motivation using just a few drops in an ultrasonic diffuser.
  • Add a few drops to lotions, soaps and personal care products for a customized seasonal essential oil scent.
  • Breathe in the sweet, enticing scents when you need a calorie-free treat to curb unhealthy cravings.
  • Choose from three luscious chocolate-based aromatherapy blends to motivate, calm, or sweeten the mood.

With this pure and natural product extracted from the fruit of the cacao tree, you can treat your family, wow your guests and nurture your own body with a natural pick-me-up this holiday season. Breathe directly from the bottle to satisfy your senses and curb unhealthy cravings when sweet distractions threaten to derail you from your holiday goals. Add several drops to your favorite unscented lotion or body scrub for a delectable way to get all the natural benefits of uplifting essential oils.

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