Layering Set SALE!!

$30.00 $25.00


Choose your favorite fragrance and get double the staying power with this layering set!  

Step 1: Apply Bath & Body Oil all over.

Step 2: Apply Perfume Oil to pulse points.

Reapply perfume oil as needed throughout the day. 

Choose from some of our best selling fragrances: 

Attar of Roses : Sun-kissed rose petals with a hint of creamy Sandalwood, a timeless classic from India.
Princess of Nerola: Homage to the centuries-old Neroli groves of Italy.  Fresh orange blossom entwined with sensual Amber.
Tiare Tahiti: Delicate white blossoms of the Tahitian Tiare infused with soft Teakwood. A feminine floral perfume oil from tropical Tahiti.
Eau de Provence : Fresh cut Lavender, soulful Jasmine, and a playful hint of Bergamot, the essence of Provence.

Wanderlust: Sensual and earthy patchouli united with intoxicating plumeria, a take on the famous “free love” perfume of the 1960s.

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